(Check, 23 March 2018)

Calaloo Beach, FishBar & Grill

At just 2 minutes walk to the left of the Taboga Pier – look for the streetside cafe and RED shutters.

Serving up delicious Fresh Fish & Seafood from Taboga plus Beef, Snacks as well as Vegetarian dishes, COLD cocktails, Beer, Fresh Juices, Coffee. Beach Umbrellas and Chairs available too just in front on the Beach. Beach Delivery Service on request.


Mundi’s Restaurant

2 minutes at right hand from the pier, Panamenian breakfast, American breakfast, Seafood specialist.

Delivery on the beach without additional cost.


London’s Pier Bar and Grill

The only sports bar in Taboga.



Playa Honda Restaurant

At just 2 minutes walk to the left of the Taboga Pier.